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Lot NumberArea (m2)Frontage (m)PriceBackgroundOffsetCategoryFrontatgeData
Lot 34166025.3Under Offer-460px -97pxlgStageID-225.3
Lot 35871117.4 + 11.5Under Offer-682px -337pxlgStageID-217.4 + 11.5
Lot 36074515.9Under Offer-558px -372pxlgStageID-215.9
Lot 36172024Under Offer-454px -372pxlgStageID-224
Lot 36472024Under Offer-198px -372pxlgStageID-224
Lot 36572024Under Offer-110px -372pxlgStageID-224
Lot 37072024Under Offer-110px -527pxlgStageID-224
Lot 37172024Under Offer-198px -527pxlgStageID-224
Lot 37272024Under Offer-285px -527pxlgStageID-224
Lot 37372024Under Offer-371px -527pxlgStageID-224
Lot 37466431Under Offer-458px -527pxlgStageID-231
Lot 37881814.8 + 9.5Under Offer-467px -666pxlgStageID-214.8 + 9.5
Lot 38070814 + 10Under Offer-285px -646pxlgStageID-214 + 10
Lot 38170024Under Offer-198px -646pxlgStageID-224
Lot 39166122Under Offer-110px -809pxlgStageID-222
Lot 39280819.7 + 18Under Offer-214px -809pxlgStageID-219.7 + 18
Lot 39395417.7 + 18 + 9.2Under Offer-349px -814pxlgStageID-217.7 + 18 + 9.2


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